Derived from the GP and PEO, the Information System Study Program determines nine expected learning outcomes consisting of hard skills and soft skills as follows:
IDKeywordExpected Learning Outcomes (ELO)
AData ExpertiseHave the ability to identify, process, present, and interpret data to produce valuable and easy-to-understand information
BAnalytical ThinkingAble to understand and use various system development methodologies along with system modeling tools and analyze user needs in building information systems to achieve organizational goals
CDecision MakingAble to understand, analyze, and assess the basic concepts and role of information systems in managing data and providing decision-making recommendation on organizational system processes
DDesign SkillAble to understand, design, and use database management systems, as well as process and analyze data with data processing tools and techniques
EEthical SkillAble to understand and apply the code of ethics in the use of information and data in the design, implementation and use of a system
FProfessional SkillHave the ability to perform independently, be qualified, and be measureable.
GEntrepreneur SkillAble to understand the basic of business and business management, also develop business ideas related to information technology
HCommunication SkillHave the ability to communicate well and to cooperate in groups also able to supervise and evaluate the performance of his group
ITeamworkHave the ability to work together in teams to achieve common goals and can evaluate team performances
JLifelong LearningHave the awareness to update the knowledge throughout life continuously
Each ELO has been mapped to ASIIN Subject-Specific-Criteria-007 as seen in the table below:
1ELO AData ExpertiseBusiness Informatics
2ELO BAnalytical ThinkingBusiness Fundamental; Business Informatics
3ELO CDecision MakingBusiness Informatics; Informatics Fundamental
4ELO DDesign SkillBusiness Informatics; Informatics Fundamental
5ELO EEthical SkillBusiness Fundamental; Other Fundamental
6ELO FProfessional SkillBusiness Fundamental; Other Fundamental
7ELO GEntrepreneur SkillBusiness Fundamental; Other Fundamental
8ELO HCommunication SkillOther Fundamental
9ELO ITeamworkOther Fundamental
10ELO JLifelong LearningLifelong Learning