Big Data Analytics

Career Prospect: Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Business Intelligence Developer

This specialization track provides students with more in-depth knowledge in the field of big data analytics, preparing them to enter the data science industry.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Specialist

Career Prospect: ERP Consultant, ERP System Developer

In collaboration with the SAP University Alliance this specialization track provides students with more complete business process knowledge using the SAP platform.


Database Specialist

Career Prospect: Database Administrator, Database Developer

This specialization track explores database design, maintenance, performance tuning, and database security. In collaboration with Oracle Academy, students are fully equipped to become reliable database administrators or database developers.

SpecializationCourse CodeCourse NameCourse TypeCreditECTS
Big Data AnalyticsIS429Big Data AnalyticsElective Specialization2135.04
IS529Advanced Big Data AnalyticsElective Specialization2135.04
ERP SpecialistIS439ERP ConfigurationElective Specialization2135.04
IS539ERP ProgrammingElective Specialization2135.04
Database SpecialistIS419Database AdministrationElective Specialization1235.04
IS519Database DevelopmentElective Specialization1235.04